The curriculum is enriched by an outstanding range of extra-curricular activities which are provided by committed staff and older pupils at the school. These include:

  • experiences planned for the BAC qualiļ¬cation;
  • activities and experiences to promote the Welsh language and culture;
  • activities to achieve care in the community;
  • activities to raise money for good causes;
  • activities for the Duke of Edinburgh Award;
  • numerous educational visits;
  • all kinds of sports clubs;
  • drama activities and music activities and lessons;
  • art activities, a science club, homework club and revision clubs in a number of subjects; and
  • enterprise activities and educational conferences for the sixth form.

"The school provides an especially good choice of extra-curricular activities for pupils, which includes specific interest clubs and very creative visits, for example a visit to a Chinese restaurant with a teacher from China to expand their cultural understanding. "

(ESTYN 2016)