Bullying assumes a variety of different forms, including physical bullying, verbal bullying, social bullying, and spreading malicious rumours.

The teaching staff are aware of these various forms of bullying. They are sensitive to the problem during lesson times, in between lesson times and at the end of the school day.

The teaching staff will respond to signs that there may be something wrong with the individual pupil – a deterioration in the standard of work, illness that is not accounted for, a general sense of disaffection, untidy books or physical injury such as bruising.

The teaching staff will listen and respond seriously to any complaint made by a student. The teaching staff will also try to ensure the physical safety of the pupil. Any incident reported will be noted and the Form Tutor or the appropriate Head of Year will be alerted to the problem. Both the Form Tutor and the pupil will be asked to describe the incident or complaint.

The relevant pupil/s will be reminded of the seriousness of the complaint or alleged incident. All parties involved will be told that a written record will be kept. Efforts will be made to secure reconciliation. The “bully” concerned will be reminded of the pain that their action has caused. Appropriate sanctions will be utilised. The situation will continue to be monitored on a daily basis and a thorough follow-up procedure will be adhered to. If the bullying continues the school will contact the parents or guardians. In serious cases parents or guardians will be asked to come to the school to discuss the matter. Suspension is possible if the situation requires it and if the bullying has been proved to be true.

Anti-bullying Policy