Sociology is a subject which looks at our society and how it works.



AS/A Level

Unit 1

Acquiring culture

Introduction to sociology, socialisation, culture and cultural diversity.

Family and Households

Different family forms and diversity within Wales and England; demographic changes including marriage and divorce. Theoretical perspectives on families and households.

Unit 2

Understanding culture and Sociological Research Methods

The focus is here is on sociological research methods, using examples of current sociological research with examples from Wales.


The role and function of education in contemporary society, patterns and trends, social policy and theoretical perspectives on education.

Unit 3

Power and Control

We will be looking at the themes of power, differentiation and social stratification concerning social order and control.

Crime and Deviance

Patterns of crime and deviance in relation to social class, gender, ethnicity and age in Wales and England; theoretical perspectives and explanations of crime and deviance.

Unit 4

Social Inequality and Sociological Research Methods

We will be studying the themes of social differentiation, power and social stratification and using information and an understanding of research methods.

Evidence and examples of inequality will be explored in relation to social class, gender, ethnicity and age in contemporary society and theories and explanations of inequality and social stratification.