French - AS/A Level

Why study French?

Would you like to increase your employability skills?

The Welsh Government and the Council of Europe are concerned that Wales and the rest of Britain are losing out in business due to the lack of young people who speak a foreign language . Learning a language will give you a desirable skill for the workplace as well as a lifelong interest. Russell Group universities think favourably upon language learning. Learning a language will give you confidence in oracy, public speaking and presentations.

AS: Year 12 Course summary:

Unit 1: Speaking—12-15 minutes

Unit 2: Listening, Reading, Translation and Writing-A 2 hours 30 minutes


Theme 1: Being a young person in French-speaking society

Theme 2 : Understanding the French speaking world

One of the following films will be studied as part of the course.

  • 1.Jean-Pierre Jeunet: Un long dimanche de fiançailles (2004)
  • 2. Aki Kaurismäki: Le Havre (2011)
  • 3. Laurent Cantet: La classe (2008)
  • 4. Roselyne Bosch: La Rafle (2010)


A Level: Year 13 Course summary:

Unit 3 : Speaking 11-12 minutes

Unit 4 : Listening, reading and Translation 1hour 45 minutes

Unit 5 : Writing 1 hour 30 minutes


Theme 3: Diversity and Difference

Theme 4: France 1940-1950: The Occupation and the post-war years

A French novel will be studied as part of the course.


Spanish - AS/A Level

Throughout the course pupils deal with four broad topic areas, both in a Spanish-context and on a general level, which deal with current issues and involve much work with all types of present-day media.

Contact with native-speakers is highly desirable during the course, with some time spent in Spain if possible.

Pupils will sit two examinations at the end of Year 12:

SN1 - Oral examination (12-15 minutes)

SN2 - Listening, reading and writing (2 and a half hours)

And another two exams at the end of Year 13:

SN3 - Oral examination (15-20 minutes)

SN4 - Listening, reading and writing (3 hours).