History is a subject that by its nature requires candidates to consider individual, moral, ethical, social, cultural and contemporary issues. During the two year study period, pupils will be required to examine the actions of people in past societies, and evaluate a range of perspectives and reactions to these actions by both contemporaries and historians.


AS/A Level

The course has been structured to give pupils the opportunity to research a period study of 100 years, and a shorter in-depth study. A range of topics under these general headings will be studied at AS and A2 level:

British History: 1880 - 198O (Period Study)

Nazi Germany : 1933 - 1945 (In-depth Study)

Examinations: There will be 4 parts to the History exam over the two year study period. AS exams will be sat in June of the 1st year, with the option of resits in June 2nd year. A2 exams will be sat in June 2nd year. Coursework will be prepared over the summer of 1st year and continued once the pupils return for their A2 studies.


HY1 Examination - 60% AS / 30% A2

  • British History - 1880 - 1940
  • Wales and England in transition, c. 1880 - 1929
  • British foreign policy, c. 1902 - 1939
  • Party politics, c. 1900 - 1940

HY2 Examination - 40% AS / 20% A2

  • Nazi Germany - c. 1933 -1939
  • Establishment of the Nazi dictatorship
  • Nazi social, religious, economic and racial policies
  • The role of propaganda, indoctrination and terror in the Third Reich

HY3 Coursework - 20% A2

  • Nazi Germany - Course work
  • Nuremburg Laws / The Holocaust

HY4 Examination - 30% A2

This exam will pose a synoptic question on any of the themes across both courses during the two years.

  • Changes in Wales, c. 1945 - 1980
  • Social reform, c. 1880 - 1980
  • Germany: war and defeat, c. 1939—1945