Economics enables students to develop creative and analytical thinking through investigating markets, analysing market forces, understanding varying policy effects on the market, comprehending the economic problems and evaluating the arguments for and against before making decisions.

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AS/A Level

Unit 1- Microeconomics

A study of the basic economic problem and how companies, society and markets go about solving it.

Unit 2- Macroeconomic theory and policy

A study of the national market in its entirety, from national income, expenditure and investment and how they all affect the national economy.

Analysis of the side effects of all the macro-economic policies on the national market. Policies such as monetary, fiscal and supply side.


ECI (15% of A level) 1 hour and 15 minutes -Written Paper 55 marks

Compulsory short-answer and multiple choice questions to assess all of the AS content.

EC2 (25% of A level) 2 hours - Written Paper 80 marks

Two Compulsory data response questions to assess all of the AS content (40 marks each)