The excellent features of the school’s curricular provision include:

•  a very effective curriculum that meets statutory requirements for all pupils. In Key Stage 4 and in the Sixth Form, the school provides a wide range of options, which include a range of vocational and general courses, and meet the wishes of pupils and the needs of local employers very well.

•  the manner in which the school has adapted the time allocated to teaching basic skills to speciļ¬c groups of learners and the quality of the provision and support for these groups;

• excellent links with the partner primary schools. The school provides very imaginative experiences as pupils transfer to the secondary school. ;

•  the school responds very positively to national priorities such as literacy, numeracy and curricular developments. By being innovative in developing the Welsh Baccalaureate and providing guidance on curricular aspects, provision for pupils is enriched;


•  schemes of a very high standard, such as ‘Cau’r Bwlch’ (Closing the Gap) to tailor provision for specific pupils.

The school is a ‘curriculum pioneer school’. This means that it works with the Welsh Government and other curriculum pioneers to develop and pilot a new curriculum for Wales.
(ESTYN 2016)