One advantage of school uniform is to ensure that everyone looks similar whilst avoiding drawing attention.

In an effort to improve the supply of school uniform to parents or guardians, our school has become involved with Trutex School Link.

Trutex is a long-established school uniform business, experienced in providing school uniform direct to parents or guardians. Through its School Link service you are now able to purchase all our school uniform, and as an added advantage, the product will be delivered directly to your home (or specified address). Details specific to our school are within the School Link brochure. School Link supplies items of our school uniform throughout the year, at competitive prices, and at no extra cost. POSTAGE, PACKAGING and RETURNS are FREE.

Should you require information on the exact details of our uniform and sizing information, Trutex has a Helpline that will be able to assist you. Please call 01200 421206 for details. Trutex has guaranteed that for each item of school uniform purchased through School Link, 10% of the sale will be donated back to the school.

The school uniform can be purchased from any one of these outlets:

Uniform Policy

Maintenance and Clothing Grant

A Maintenance and Clothing Grant is available for pupils beginning their education in Year 7 and for pupils in Year 9 eligible for free meals. A free meals form is available from school.