As a school we have established a number of principles, which we will strive to achieve for each pupil:-

1. To develop the full personality of the individual by offering experiences that will develop the mind, body, spirit, feelings and imagination.

2. To give the child’s inborn sense of curiosity an opportunity to develop lively, inquisitive minds, and the ability to argue logically, weigh up arguments, and make independent judgements.

3. To foster respect for other people, for religious, spiritual and moral values, and to develop tolerance towards different beliefs and attitudes, whether social, economic or political.

4. To help pupils develop attitudes, learn skills, assimilate information and deepen their understanding, all of which should be relevant to their future life, in work, home and leisure time, taking into account that the world is a rapidly changing place.

5. To ensure that the pupil uses his/her language, especially Welsh, both orally and in writing, in a full programme of extra-curricular, social activities, as well as in their lessons and thereby to learn how to communicate effectively.

6. To help pupils appreciate the achievements and aspirations of man in art, music, science, technology and literature.

7. To develop a sense of pride in every pupil in their roots, community and country, pride in the language of that country, and loyalty to the society to which they are closely bound.

8. To encourage pupils to participate with enthusiasm to the best of their ability in a responsible and self-disciplined manner.

9. To prepare pupils to offer their services and to lead in society according to their own ability and talents.